Welcome Volunteers during the Annual Walworth County Fair!
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Welcome Volunteers during the Annual Walworth County Fair!

Barnyard Adventure Agriculture Education Area

The award-winning Barnyard Adventure Agriculture Education area is a two-acre exploration at the six-day Walworth County Fair, where guests of all ages can experience the many different types of farming on the "Buzzing through Barnyard" tour. The Barnyard Adventure area is Free to all fair guests with their paid general fair admission, and operates through the generosity of grants, donations, and volunteer helpers.

Barnyard Adventure has won numerous awards from the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE), the umbrella fair organization of all fairs across the country and world, including Best Agricultural Event for like-size fairs.

Barnyard Adventure requires the help of many volunteers to guide children and their families through its various learning stations, assisting the little farmers in maximizing their experience and making sure that each learning station stop is completed.

Individuals, families, work groups, school teams ... YOU are welcome to help us out! Volunteer for a few hours, a day, or more! Contact Peggy at the Fair Office for more information at peggy@walworthcountyfair.com. Thank you for your interest and support!

Planting and nurturing agriculture education, one seed at a time.

Golf Cart Taxi

Every year we round up 12 groups of volunteers to participate in a great service for people who need assistance getting around the fairgrounds.
There are seven volunteers per shift.

Volunteer Duties:
One person will need to volunteer to be a command center attendant. This person will sit at the golf cart table with a radio. If anyone comes up to the table to request a ride, the command center attendant will radio a golf cart driver to come pick them up.
The other volunteers will be drivers. Drivers must be 18 years of age with a drivers license as of time of fair. Drivers are to follow all rules and stay on the route that is provided to them. We want to keep our fair safe for everyone.

Fair Ambassadors

Fair Ambassadors our very important to our fair; they are the first impression fair goers have when they arrive. Fair Ambassadors are located at the entrances and hand out flyers, greet the fair goers, and help them with any questions.
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