Barnyard Adventure
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Barnyard Adventure


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Barnyard Adventure is an area at the Walworth County Fair where children can experience the workings of the Farm. Children pick apples, gather eggs, milk our Helene the Holstein, drive a tractor and harvest vegetables in our garden. This area is free to the public and is run on mainly donations and volunteers. Our Barnyard Adventure has won numerous awards from the International Association of Fairs and Expos (IAFE), the umbrella fair organization of all fairs across the country, for the Best Agricultural Event for our size of fairs. We also went on to win “Best of Division” competing against fairs in the nation. Barnyard Adventure requires the help of many, many volunteers to help guide the children and their families through the various stations of “From Seed to Supper.” The job of the volunteer is to help the little farmers maximize their experience by making sure that each simple step is completed. We need approximately 25 to 30 volunteers at the exhibit at all times between the hours of 9:45 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Our shifts are three-and-half hour shifts. The wonderful thing about this is before or after the short shift, the volunteers are able to enjoy the Fair on our admission ticket! Also, each volunteer will receive a “Barnyard Adventure” T-shirt, coupon for a free sandwich and a reserved seat for the day you work grandstand entertainment.

Butterfly Barn

The Butterfly Barn is enchanting -- try to get one to land on your finger and take a selfie. The butterfly habitat is filled with all the foods butterflies love: amaranth, butterfly bush and goldenrod. George Mroch, a member of Barnyard Adventure Committee, visits more than 20 grade schools monthly and teaches third- and fourth-graders basics about the life cycle of plants. In the past the students have planted about 5,000 marigold and sunflower seeds and watch them grow indoors. The butterfly barn was built for indoor plants and about 250 butterflies. Around May, the Walworth County Fair will receive a shipment of caterpillars and nourish them into butterflies for the fair. The Mroch family collects butterfly eggs and tends them before taking them to the fair. They also order chrysalides, from which the butterflies hatch. These are sometimes erroneously called cocoons, but you’ll find out those are only for moths, not butterflies. Adult butterflies also are ordered by the dozens, so there will be plenty in the barn during fair week. Catch these living works of art any day during fair week. The patio is made of bricks, with the generous donators’ names, that helped make it possible. These bricks allow rainwater to run through them. Beneath the patio will be a reservoir to collect rainwater from the ground and gutters of the barn. Reservoir water will be pumped to the plants that support the butterflies and to a stream that flows through raised gardens. By keeping it moving, the water will remain fresh and aerated.

The Garden

The Barnyard Adventure Garden is home to over 20 different identified vegetables.
They're different displays of container planting, hydroponic displays, and aeroponic displays.


This is a great educational tent for all ages. There's different activities to participate in and enjoy. Some include corn & soy bean bin, honey bee's display, canning demonstration, classes on hydroponics and cloning, and other educational activities.
Be sure to check out what classes we over each day!

The Learning Coop

Learning Coop Schedule

10:00 am Cooking Demo with Rushing Waters
11:00 am Beekeeping with Kristine Karlson
12:00 pm Stampin’ Up with Laura Zaraza
1:00 pm Miniature Gardens with Pesche’s Greenhouse
2:00 pm Making Treasures with The Antique Farmer

10:00 am Spring Bulbs with Pesche’s Greenhouse
11:00 am Growing Gourds with Honey Bee Studios
12:00 pm Gourd Creations with Honey Bee Studios
1:00 pm Stampin’ Up with Laura Zaraza
2:00 pm DIY with The Sign Studio

10:00 am Cooking Demo with Rushing Waters
11:00 am Lakeland Audubon Society
12:00 pm DIY Projects with Home Depot
1:00 pm DIY Projects with Home Depot
2:00 pm Cake Decorating Demo – Lakeland Bakery

10:00 am Where’s the Beef by Wilson Farm Meats
11:00 am Fresh Cheese Class with Scarlett
12:00 pm Stampin’ Up with Laura Zaraza
1:00 pm DIY with the Sign Studio

10:00 am Cooking Demo with Hometown Sausage & Yuppie Hill Farm
11:00 am Orchids with Pesche’s Greenhouse
12:00 pm Class with ABCD Farm House
1:00 pm Demo with “A Glass of Art”

10:00 am How to Make Mead Demo
11:00 am Cooking Demo with Casual Joe’s
12:00 pm Stampin’ Up with Laura Zaraza
1:00 pm Chalk Paint Demo with Terra Yard Creations

Thank You:

Kunes Country Auto Group
Robertson Ryan & Associates
Casey's General Store
Mercy Health System
Dean Foods
Gallagher Tent & Awning
Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board
Walworth County Farm Bureau
Walworth County Dairy Promotions
Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board
Great Lakes Water Authority

WCF Barnyard Adventure Awards & Recognition

We are tremendously proud and grateful for the contributions of time, financial support, labor, materials and positive efforts from ALL of our volunteers and donors. Because of YOU, we have achieved:

International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):

  • Overall ag program – “From Seed to Supper”
  • Specific ag educational exhibit – “Butterfly Exhibit”
  • Non-fair ag program – “Come Grow with Us”

International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):

  • Green Program – Composting Display – 2nd Place
  • Non-Fair Ag Program – Biopots – 2nd Place
  • Fair & Fair Sponsor Joint Exhibit – Roly the Composting Pig, partnering with Compost Management, Delavan – 3rd Place
  • Photo Series – The Building of the Butterfly Barn – 1st Place


Wisconsin Association of Fairs:
  • VIP Award – Superintendent George Mroch
  • Janesville Gazette – People Who Matter – George Mroch
International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):
  • Cream Puff Eating Contest – 2nd Place
  • Photo Series - Green Patio, Rainwater Recycling System Installation – 2nd Place
  • Barnyard Garden Improvements – 2nd Place
  • Green Patio/Rainwater Recycling Project – 1st Place
  • Fair & Fair Sponsor Joint Exhibit – Sorg’s with Sorgy and Wilson Farm Meats with Sir Oinks
  • A Lot Meat Cut Identification Displays – 3rd Place
  • Best Overall of Division 2 Silver Bowl Trophy

International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):

  • Ag in the Classroom – with Walworth Co. Farm Bureau
  • Soybean Educational Program
  • From Seed to Supper Educational Signage
  • Combine Simulator/GPS Educational Trailer – with WI Corn Promotion Board
  • Scarecrow Building Contest

International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):

  • Thank A Farmer Sign-In Boards Program – 2nd Place
  • “From Seed to Supper Tour” Educational Materials to Fair Guests –
  • Partnership with American Family Insurance – 3rd Place
  • Photo Sequence of Meat Identification Displays – 1st Place
  • Veggie Races – Create It on the Spot Contest – 1st Place

International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):

  • Barnyard Adventure – Ag Education Program Workshop Presenter
  • Goat Educational Display – Partnership with Loudenbeck Farms Dairy Goats, LLC
  • Barnyard Bargain Bonanza Indoor Flea Market
  • Alternative Gardening Methods
  • Sweet Corn Eating Contest
  • Grade School Container Gardening Photo

International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):

  • Hydroponics & Aeroponics Gardening
  • From Seed to Supper Tour Granary Learning Station – with WI Soybean Marketing Board
  • Kids Tractor Pulls
International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):
  • Barnyard Adventure Garden / Open Class Horticulture Scarecrow
  • Milk Chugging Contest
International Association of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):
  • Learning Coop Beekeeping Demonstration - 2nd Place
  • Learning Coop Paper Flowers - Laura Zaraza - Stampin' It Up - 3rd Place
  • Barnyard Adventure Stage - Bubblegum Blowing Contest - 2nd Place
  • Learning Coop - Increase Awareness of Competitive Exhibits - 1st Place

International Assocation of Fairs & Expositions (IAFE):

  • Learning Coop – Presentation Monitor – 3rd Place
  • Barnyard Garden Identification Signage – 3rd Place
  • Barnyard Garden – King Kong Sunflower Display – 1st Place
  • Barnyard Adventure Contest – Apple Pie Eating Contest – 3rd Place
  • Barnyard Adventure – Pesche’s Greenhouse Fairy Garden Display & Demonstration – 3rd Place

Wisconsin Association of Fairs:

  • VIP Award – Mrs. Peggy Fraser, Office Manager, Barnyard Adventure Team Volunteer
  • Outstanding Fair Person – Fair Board Director Eileen Walsh Grzenia, Barnyard Adventure Team Volunteer
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