Walworth County Fair Camping
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Walworth County Fair Camping

Welcome to Walworth County Fairtime Camping!

Set your stakes! Experience what Walworth County Fair guests have enjoyed for generations ... a fun-filled camping experience on the Fairgrounds during the annual Walworth County Fair! Families and friends have made this tradition a treasured treat and enjoyable Labor Day holiday experience. Explore one of Wisconsin's oldest and largest county fairs on nearly 100 acres, filled with award-winning competitive exhibits, livestock, horse shows, exceptional carnival midway, delicious foods galore, fantastic grandstand shows, sideshows, agriculture education, and loads more! Then relax and unwind in the comfort of your own campsite, your cozy home away from home, for the six days of the annual Walworth County Fair, ending Labor Day Monday. Enjoy water and electric hookups, picnic shelter, nearby facilities, sanitary station, and the unique experience and magic of Walworth County Fair camping. It's truly fair-ly fantastic and a wonderful time!
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